Monday, April 19, 2021


Here are a few mimetic things to kickstart the week:

🎈👀👀 Agents in the Creator Economy

Having an agent’s representation has long been the privilege of elite actors, authors, and athletes. But an agent’s core service—representing and amplifying a person’s talent to others—is something everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from. I believe a new kind of Micro-Agent is about to emerge, someone who acts as an Advocate for creators and allows them to focus more on creating and less on selling and building their business. In other words, I envision a democratization of Artist-Agent relationships to replace the oligarchy. I wrote a full article about this idea here.

🙅🏽 Content vs. Anti-Content

I’ve been told (politely) that I should make these emails shorter and with easier content in order to build subscribers faster. That mindset assumes some kind of transactional relationship in which I offer the Minimum Viable Content (MVC) in exchange for your email address. That’s not what I’m doing here. The content of content is self-reference; there’s nothing transcendent about it, meaning it doesn’t point to anything beyond itself or its creator. Content is hypermimetic, of course—that’s why people produce it. To be anti-mimetic is to be anti-content, though. I want my mind to produce an immune response to it. That’s what I hope you’ll get here, too. This space has an intentional anti-mimetic form because it’s about building antibodies to some of the more common forms of mimesis in our culture. Right now I see the main strains of mimesis as Content, the Memeification of Markets, Partisan Politics, Decadence, and sacred rites that masquerade in secular masks. If we need to develop additional vaccines for the variant strains of mimesis that will inevitably emerge, trust that we’ll develop them here faster than Pfizer or J&J.

👂👂 Quote

“The problem is desire. We need to want these things. The problem is inertia. We need to want these things more than we want to prevent these things.”

—Marc Andreessen in his essay It’s Time to Build. An entire chapter in Wanting (coming June 1st) is dedicated to transcendent desire and transcendent leadership. I’d finished writing it in late 2019, a few months before I read Marc’s piece. But I’m glad for the mimesis. Now we just need more of it.


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