Monday, June 21, 2021


The good, the bad, and the quotable:

Positive Mimesis

If you don’t follow Everyday Heroes on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on some seriously positive mimesis every week. One of my favorite accounts on any platform. And did you know that a16z just launched a new media platform, Future? Here’s a great article on “well-behaved” bubbles by Byrne Hobart.

Negative Mimesis

Here’s a new article in the Financial Times about “meme” stocks that had the perfect opportunity to mention the role that mimetic desire plays, but nothing. It goes to show how much Girard remains under the radar. “Individually, a meme from one small account probably won’t do much, but if it’s a concerted effort and it goes viral, then there is the possibility to drive the share price,” (emphasis mine) writes the author of the piece, quoting the ‘meme lord’ Litquidity. There still seems to be total confusion about that going viral part, which is just taken for granted. Memes are just shorthand, code; mimetic desire provides the movement.


“René was fascinated by the science—the way that infants follow gazes, which draws them into the orbit of adult goals, intentions, and desire.” —Dr Andrew Meltzoff, to me, in Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life (out now—if you’re still on the fence, read this review.) It’s Amazon Prime Day: a good day to pick it up.

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