Monday, May 31, 2021


The book is here. Mimetic NFT’s. The alchemy of mimetic desire.

🎈👀👀 Reserve your copy

Wanting, my new book about how mimetic desire shapes our lives and culture, is finally here—at midnight EST, June 1st, the mimesis starts! Reserve your copy here.

I’m grateful for your support. As a small thank you, the first 25 people to order on publication day, June 1st—and who send me the receipt—will receive a free motivational assessment using a powerful narrative process that I outline in the book. It normally costs $49 for the full online version, but my friends at Motivation Code (creators of the assessment) have offered to comp my first 25 orders to celebrate the publication.

This offer only applies to the first 25 people who order on June 1st. I realize that many of you may have already reserved a copy. If so, please consider buying a copy for a friend. If you’d like to participate in the giveaway, simply forward your purchase receipt to The first 25 people who send me a receipt will get a discount code from me and instructions for taking the assessment by June 7 (if not sooner).

🎈👀👀 Visualizing Mimesis

I teamed up with the brilliant creator Jack Butcher, founder of Visualize Value, to create three NFT’s for release on June 1st to celebrate the launch of Wanting and illustrate some key concepts related to mimetic desire. The series, “Visualizing Mimesis”, will be revealed and the NFT’s will be available for bidding starting at 12:00 EST on Tuesday, June 1st, here on Jack’s page at The pieces are titled:

Mimetic Desire All the Way Down
Who do they I think I am?

Opening Bid

Desire is fungible. The tokenized artwork we created is not.

👂👂 Quote

“This book is hugely important and doubly necessary—because it describes a force influencing human behaviour which is inarguably powerful and universal, yet which we seem evolutionarily wired not to notice at all.”

—Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group and author of Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life, on Wanting


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