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My latest book, WANTING, is the most comprehensive introduction to mimetic theory and the concepts that you’ll find. It’s already being translated in at least a dozen other languages. Adam Grant has called it “spell-binding” and Dr. Andrew Meltzoff, one of the leading childhood development specialist in the world, has called it a “stunning, even revolutionary book.” I encourage you to check it out. A lot of the questions that people ask me most often are answered in the book! 

For long-form essays, check out my Substack newsletter, Anti-Mimetic: A Field Guide to Mimetic Desire. Some of the most liked posts there are:

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My notes as a creator in an algorithmic world—learning when to ride and when to drive.

Luke Burgis

Luke Burgis

Luke Burgis

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My notes as a creator in an algorithmic world—learning when to ride and when to drive.