Here are some of my impressive achievements.

I broke my femur in a football game my freshman year of high school. I didn’t handle it well. My grades tanked, and I was kicked out for fighting.

In college, I chased the money. I chose a major that I didn’t like and got a job on Wall Street mostly through hustle. I left it to start a healthy vending machine company out of a spare bedroom in Hollywood at age 23.

Three years and many mistakes later, I had a painful split with my business partner and best friend.

I co-founded two more companies.

I’m interested in building things that help people to shed thin desires and nourish thick ones.


I spent three restless years in Rome.

I’ve lived nearly all of my adult life in extreme uncertainty. I’ve failed many times, and re-started just as many.

That’s the truth about me.

How can we create things that truly benefit the human person? First, we have to know the truth. Everyone has a story—the truth has a story.

I can’t say that I’ve now solved all of my problems—I have not. If I have learned anything, it’s that there are no easy fixes or tweet threads or five-step solutions that can make any meaningful difference in a life.

But there is a deeper truth.

Through it all, I have been deeply loved. I have been shown mercy. I have learned my own poverty. I have experienced grace.

In the end, I have gained everything through what I have lost. And that has made me a very different kind of entrepreneur, author, husband, teacher, and friend.