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I’ve spoken to audiences large and small about topics as diverse as leading by desire, mimetic rivalry in the Torah, and human-centered UX design. The focus of my speaking and workshops through 2022 will be related to my new book, Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life. I always try my best to tailor my talk and workshops to the particular audience that I’m with and to make the experience as dialogical as possible.


The Core

Luke has a core belief in the importance of building bridges between heads and hearts. His talks weave in the following themes:

  • By working well, we don’t just make more—we become more
  • The unrepeatability of every person’s mission and contribution
  • The forces of desire that impact productivity in positive and negative ways
  • Steps to kill rivalry, conflict, and destructive competition
  • How to integrate work and life in a way that allows every person to thrive

What people are saying

Luke Burgis drives deep awareness and offers simple solutions to navigating an often complex world. His background in entrepreneurship, business and study of the human condition, combined with a measured and dedicated approach to speaking and teaching, addresses the wants of his audiences while providing concepts and tools to help serve their needs. I trust his approach, his depth and his experience, which you will recognize immediately once you work with him.

David Jack

Luke Burgis brings conviction and power and deep dedication to the craft of public speaking. On several occasions, I've had the privilege of listening to him speak in front of large audiences. Luke’s way is never a memorized "stump speech.” He shapes his remarks to most effectively resonate with the particular group in a highly engaging, even intimate, way--while also challenging them. Luke leaves a strong impression!

Dr. Joshua Miller
SIMA International

Luke's storytelling ability, presence, and sincerity are exceptional. I've had the opportunity to see Luke in various contexts, and the result is always the same--a truly impactful speaker who is able to communicate wisdom in a highly personal way, even in front of a large audience.

Andreas Widmer
Director, Center for Principled Entrepreneurship

In his speaking, Luke combines real world experience in the business world, deep theological thinking, and a clear passion for helping people discover their unique vocations. Using his own fascinating background as an illustration, he inspires others to pursue their personal callings in pursuit of the common good.

Tyler Castle
American Enterprise Institute

Luke’s style and presentation are engaging and interactive. He’ll captivate the attention of audiences young and old. Luke weaves a tapestry of personal stories and anecdotes that communicate what matters most in life. From Bob Dylan to Robert Frost to Mother Teresa, he reminds us that at the core, we are moved by persons--not programs or things or the latest technology. Luke motivated all of us to reach outside of ourselves to help others find purpose and meaning. His talk was filled with humor and seriousness--you will not leave it unmoved. I cannot recommend Luke more highly as a speaker for your group or organization.

Richard Gordon, Esq.
Snell & Wilmer, L.L.P.

Luke adapts his talks to his audience—clearly! He can weave in insights about the food system that illustrate his points perfectly clearly and he answers questions with an extraordinary breadth of insights.

Claire Alsup
Yolélé Foods


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