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Initialized Capital

Initialized’s founder and managing partner, Garry Tan, evaluated more than 6,000 startups as an early partner at Y Combinator.

He was part of Y Combinator as it grew from a little-known entrepreneurial program into Silicon Valley’s best-known and regarded network for early-stage technology startups. He also built their internal software system, Bookface, and conceptualized Continuity, their late-stage funding program.

Garry then built Initialized Capital into a standalone San Francisco-based early-stage venture capital firm with $770 million under management and more than 200 companies in the portfolio.

They’ve helped more founders build startups at the earliest possible stage than most anyone you’ll meet, and that means they can help startups avoid the 1,000 landmines that can cause certain failure. A lot of great investors, advisors, founders, and friends have helped us along the way.

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